Gray Media was started by Wilson Haynes, who at the time was in his Freshman year of college pursuing a degree in Communications. He chose the name “Gray Media” because, his middle name is Gray and he also happens to be colorblind. Being a photographer and having issues distinguishing certain shades can make editing challenging, unlike in high school when it helped him get out of chemistry lab. The goal of the photos are to inspire and evoke emotion. Being an environmentalist and believing in the idea that each one of us can have an impact on the natural world, Wilson hopes his pictures show people how beautiful of a world it is. 
Seen in: Void Magazine, The Inertia Magazine, Travel Alaska, 4Ocean, Kenmore Air, USA Triathlon, Sunrise Surf Shop, Queens University of Charlotte, Major League Triathlon, Whisnant Surfboards, Eastern Surf Magazine, Orca Spirit, FLmotion, Void Surf Report, UNF Surf
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